For the past eight years, I have run this blog. A lifestyle blog that deals with everything from personal style and beauty to food, decor, travel and DIY projects.

I live in Adelaide with my husband and my newborn daughter and like to write about my everyday life – always formulated at a personal angle at eye level with my readers. The visual expression is a contributing element of my blog and I care for continuously delivering high quality content – both in terms of text, images and the videos I produce.

Besides being a professional blogger, I am also a trained designer and have throughout the time designed collections for both American and Japanese Concept. I am fascinated by both Norwegian and Japanese fashion sense. My dream is to open a boutique that focuses on Norwegian and Japanese fashion. I hope I can open the boutique in Adelaide soon.

I also enjoy cooking at my spare time and doing a little bit of DIY. Here, you can find posts about various topics. Hope my posts will be beneficial to you. Enjoy!