Inspiration to Make House with Medijavanean Concept

Make House with Medijavanean Concept

Many ways that can be done to make the home feel comfortable and “hommy”, one such as combining the two styles of interior design into a unity.

For example, such as the residence of Achamad Shonny, the man who also works as an architect builds the house by combining the concept of Mediterranean design and ethnic Javanese, the result he also named his design concept as Medijavanean.

Shonny said he built a house with this concept of blend in 1997. The house that stands on 200m2 of land is a pilot project of all his works. He told me it did not take long to build this house, and it only takes 100 days.

Home Facade

Home facade - Make House with Medijavanean Concept

If noticed, the house with the concept of Medijavenean has a very distinctive shape, and the building is roofed with a low slope.

On some sides of the house also has a ceiling that deliberately opens with a sturdy expose coconut wood frame.

This is done intentionally to create good air circulation.

One of the uniqueness of this house can also be seen from the finishing walls of buildings that are deliberately made rough, causing the impression of old and natural.

The tile also uses terra cotta curve and classical building details that are applied more simply.

First floor

Set foot in the house, you will be greeted a door antique typical Javanese that looks aligned with the house.

On the first floor, you will find some function spaces that are left open without insulation, such as living room, family room and dining room.

Ethnic touch was so felt when in this house with the application of various traditional Javanese trinkets such as furniture, lights, until the cabinet.

On some sides of the room, also displayed exposed bricks without stucco, thus giving a classic and natural impression.

Natural nuances can also be seen from the selection of stone based ceramics that are crossed over each other.

First floor - Make House with Medijavanean Concept

Typical Mediterranean Ladder

Moving to the second floor, then you will step on a typical Mediterranian staircase equipped with a typical ceramic accent Mediterranian.

Just like the application on the first floor, on this second floor, also equipped with a variety of ethnic Javanese furniture.

In this area, there is a living room, three bedrooms and a bathroom.


Backyard - Make House with Medijavanean Concept

Shades of green and beautiful so visible when in the backyard of the house. Different types of plants adorn this area.

To reinforce the concept of the building, at the back yard of this Shonny also apply some typical carving accents of Java.

In this area is also equipped with a set of park benches as well as a fish pond so that it can bring a comfortable atmosphere, natural and fun.